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What you’re going through can feel overwhelming – like you’re lost in a fog with no clear way out. You might feel like you’re carrying a burden too heavy to bear alone, where even the simplest tasks feel like too much.

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Courage 2 Overcome Counseling Services

What is C-PTSD and how is it different from PTSD?

Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) is a psychological disorder that can develop in response to prolonged, repeated experiences of interpersonal trauma. It differs from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) primarily because of its triggers.

While PTSD often results from a single event or a series of isolated traumatic events, C-PTSD is associated with chronic, repetitive trauma such as long-term abuse, captivity, or exposure to a hostile environment.

C-PTSD includes all the symptoms of PTSD, like flashbacks and feeling on edge, but this prolonged trauma can lead to more complex and severe symptoms in C-PTSD, including profound disturbances in self-identity, emotion regulation, and relationships with others.

What causes C-PTSD?

C-PTSD is a level of trauma typically caused by prolonged or repeated exposure to traumatic events over which the victim has little or no control, and from which there is little or no hope of escape.

Such experiences may include long-term physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, living in a war zone, being a prisoner of war, long-term domestic violence, and being part of a cult. These situations often involve a severe imbalance of power and can lead to a deep sense of helplessness, betrayal, and a constant state of alert due to the ongoing nature of the trauma.

What are the symptoms of trauma or C- PTSD?

Courage 2 Overcome Counseling Services

How can trauma therapy help?

Trauma Therapy can be a powerful tool in healing from Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) by:

At Courage 2 Overcome, we offer a compassionate environment where you can gradually confront and make sense of your traumatic experiences. This process is handled gently and at your pace, and over time, the traumatic memories start to lose their intense, painful grip over your mind and life.

People with C-PTSD often struggle with sudden surges of emotions. Therapy helps by teaching you how to recognize, understand, and manage these intense feelings. Techniques like mindfulness, deep breathing, and grounding exercises are often used to help you stay calm and collected, even in emotionally charged situations.


The effects of trauma can make it hard to trust and be close to people. In therapy, you learn how to build your communication skills, understand and set healthy boundaries, and build empathy. Over time you can start to reconnect with others in a meaningful, fulfilling way, without fear or mistrust clouding these connections.

Trauma therapy addresses deep-seated feelings of shame and guilt, common with C-PTSD. By challenging negative self-beliefs and replacing them with more compassionate and realistic views, therapy helps you see yourself in a kinder light, nurturing a stronger sense of self-worth and self-acceptance, crucial for overall emotional healing.

Dealing with symptoms like flashbacks, anxiety, and hyperarousal can be overwhelming. In therapy, we equip you with practical strategies to manage these symptoms effectively, such as learning how to ground oneself during a flashback, using relaxation techniques to manage anxiety, or employing cognitive-behavioral strategies to deal with intrusive thoughts.

Avoiding places, people, or thoughts linked to trauma is a common coping mechanism in C-PTSD. Therapy helps by gently encouraging exposure to these avoided situations in a controlled and safe manner, helping you realize that they can face these fears without being overwhelmed, reducing the power of avoidance behaviors, and opening up more of life to be experienced freely and fully.

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Eleny Guerrero Pena, Licensed Professional Counselor & Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, and owner of Courage 2 Overcome Counseling Services in Texas

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Personal Understanding:

As a combat veteran, former military spouse, and immigrant, I personally have dealt with childhood trauma, experienced mental health issues, and witnessed friends struggle with similar challenges. I've lived and seen the possibilities and what it takes to overcome these struggles and achieve the life you aspire to leo.

Unconditional Support:

Recognizing that everyone wants to feel seen and loved, we provide a supportive environment where clients can express themselves freely. We help you discover your feelings, navigate/process their meaning and find your way to living better.

Embracing Autonomy:

We prioritize our clients' autonomy, encouraging them and meeting them where they are in their healing journey. We create a non-judgmental space where clients can share their deepest secrets, break down, and cry, all while processing these emotions together to find solutions.

Straightforward and Solution-Focused:

Our therapists are straightforward. While offering validation and empathy, we also challenge clients and maintain a solution-focused approach. We believe in doing the necessary, sometimes uncomfortable work to derive tangible benefits from therapy.

Feel seen and heard on your path to healing.

Our Approach

How Our Trauma Therapy Works

Understand & Learn

We want to see life through your eyes. By understanding who you are, your history, and the struggles you’ve faced, we can help you take the first step toward healing.

Feel, Honor, & Process

We will explore your emotions, empower you with essential tools to navigate your experiences, and provide ongoing support to find relief from your past and current struggles.

Change Your Patterns

We work with you on your journey of self- acceptance and healing. Together, we will develop a plan that will help you move forward with your life.


Questions about Trauma Therapy for C-PTSD

C-PTSD is a complex condition, and its impact varies from person to person. It’s not necessarily a lifelong condition, but healing takes time and effort. Many people see a big improvement with the right treatment and support, but recovery is a gradual process and may take some time.

When you’re ready to talk about your trauma with your loved ones, choose a quiet time where you won’t be disturbed. Be open and share what you feel comfortable with. Explain what C-PTSD is and how it affects you. Let them know what kind of support you’re looking for. It’s okay to set boundaries and ask for their patience and understanding.

The chances of improving with treatment are good, but it can vary. The success of therapy depends on the approach used, the therapist’s expertise, and your involvement in the process. The goal of treatment is to make your symptoms more manageable so you can enjoy life more.

The time it takes to start feeling better differs for everyone. Some might notice changes soon, while others may take longer. Healing from C-PTSD is a step-by-step process. Regular therapy sessions and practicing coping skills can help you gradually feel better.

Sometimes, trauma symptoms can seem to appear suddenly, when something triggers a memory of the trauma, like a specific sound, sight, or situation. Understanding and managing these triggers is an important part of dealing with PTSD.


The path to recovery

Because every situation and personality is different, the results of therapy for trauma will manifest in unique ways and may include:

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This journey might be tough, and the road to healing isn’t linear, but every step forward is a testament to your courage and your unwavering spirit.

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Courage 2 Overcome Counseling & Consulting Services

The path towards healing, growth, and a brighter future.


Courage 2 Overcome Counseling & Consulting Services

The path towards healing, growth, and a brighter future.